Etheridge Cares Founders

Etheridge Cares Founders

Etheridge Cares Founders

Etheridge Cares Founders

Etheridge Cares Founders Tenielle and Renae saw an opportunity to provide the senior Australians in the Etheridge Shire access to home care services at value rates. Where senior Australians would receive the care they deserve and the local communities were boosted with employment. 

Since starting, they have won the Community Organisation Of The Year Award for their outstanding service to the local community over a number of years.

Tenielle Verrall- Founder | Georgetown

My husband and I moved to Etheridge shire, from Moreton Bay, 2 years ago for his work. I found myself in a role where I was in contact with many of our elderly. Some of those had not had assistance for over 6 months. I began to attempt to find ways to assist. After finding information on how we could keep it local for support, the journey began in creating Etheridge Cares.

My vision has always been, to assist in establishing a community support system for our ageing population, where they can get the support they need, from within their own community. Keep it local. Keep our people living right here. No need for them to move to the city, just for want of a little support.

Knowing our parents are aging and we were not able to be there. Knowing my aged care has services for them because they are in the city. Why then, should the lovely aging members of this community, not have the same opportunity. They have earned the right to be at home too.

My goal starting Etheridge Cares was not just to sustain the care for these people, but develop the local community with skills, opportunities, and even careers, that will advance the community.

Resigning from the chair position was both a very sad and proud moment as I had left the region. This program had taken off with great local support and activity. People both young and old now have opportunity to remain in their hometown.

I will never stop supporting Etheridge Cares, for now however, locals are maintaining support for locals, just as I intended from the beginning.

I recently had the pleasure of travelling back to Georgetown to see Etheridge Cares receive the Australia Day Award after being away for 6 months.  This award was not something I had ever anticipated happening, it is however, a dream that has come true. I am so proud to be a founder of a community group that has such momentum and results for a community that will leave a legacy for years to come.

Renae Woodforth – Founder | Secretary | Program Coordinator

Originally from South East Queensland, I have been recently working on Cattle Stations in the Etheridge Region.  I have 25 years experience in Community Aged Care, disabilities, and rural community development.  My focus has been to work with people of all ages, cultures, and abilities, assisting them in any way possible, for their personal benefit as well as that of their communities and services.

My passion is supporting rural and remote communities to thrive and be able to access similar services to their city cousins.  I was asked to support the development of a community aged care support program in the Etheridge Region and provide valued support.  My aim for the future of Etheridge Cares is that it will be a program that offers support to all aging community members through activities that provide social, physical, and mental wellbeing and support.