Our Partners

Etheridge Cares uses a community-managed model to provide care coordination services to Home Care Package (HCP) recipients in the Etheridge region. To make this effective Etheridge Cares has enlisted the help of Trilogy Care to assist in streamlining the process, setting up the business and manage the Home Care Package funds. 

Trilogy Care:

Trilogy Care is a  nationally registered HCP provider offering Self-Managed Home Care Services. This innovative self-management model empowers consumers to spend less on management fees so they are able to focus on more care and services. 

The benefits of self-management:

  • Choose your own support, when you want them.
  • Design your own care plan and budget (With assistance from Etheridge Cares).
  • Receive services at rates that are acceptable to you.
  • No administration fees.
  • Provider handles the red tape of the process (Compliance, Financials, Welfare)