Community Organisation of the Year Award

This award is for incorporated community organisations that have given outstanding service to the local community over a number of years.
Etheridge Cares is a relatively new non-profit organisation that was created to address the needs of our ageing community in the Etheridge Shire through Remote Community Care.

It has grown to encompass a large footprint within our shire and in neighbouring communities.

Etheridge Cares is a group of dedicated, compassionate and enthusiastic locals with a genuine interest in the care and wellbeing of our elderly residents. Being locals, they have made a personal connection with their clients and have gained their trust. They are led by a team leader with extensive knowledge of the Aged Care sector who is ably supported by Local Co-ordinators and Carers.

To say that the aged people are benefiting from this assistance is an understatement, they are thriving, and they greatly appreciate the help they are receiving from Etheridge Cares.

This support ranges from guided assistance enabling assessment to obtain a Home Care Package, which is then tailored to meet the needs of the individual; and to then provide the assistance they require in their homes with day-to-day needs, like securing any aids they require and daily chores like gardening, cleaning and shopping, which can also include the delivery of subsidised meals when required.

This amazing group has organised visits from a Podiatrist, Remedial Massage appointments, community social events such as Luncheons with music and quizzes, Wednesday’s Moring Tea and Shopping, monthly Bingo, and just recently a festive Xmas Lunch which included laughs, hugs and presents from Santa.

The significance of such gatherings cannot be underestimated for the importance of the wellbeing and mental health of our elderly residents. Such gatherings are much enjoyed by the participants, as they can live quite a solitary life in their own homes, and these activities provide a meeting place which gives them a chance to communicate with others, some of whom are life-long friends.

Etheridge Cares has set a goal to purchase a Community Bus and is raising money with the collection of recyclable items through the Container for Change project, and the cost of each Remedial Massage has been kindly donated towards this cause as well. This bus will be of great assistance to enable trips to larger centres for medical appointments and in commuting to local events and outings.

This wonderful organisation has ‘filled the gap’ and provided for a quality of life that was lacking for the aged members of our community and for that we say a big ‘Thank you’.

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